Tesla Doubling Global Supercharging Network By End Of This Year

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Does Elon Musk ever sleep?

Because Tesla is about to launch its most important vehicle to date: the mass market-oriented Model 3, it knows it must fully prepare the infrastructure to handle the expected onslaught of EVs. Welcome to being the largest automaker in the US, Tesla. Lo and behold, Tesla has just announced that by the end of this year, it plans to double its global supercharging network by "expanding existing sites so drivers never wait to charge, and broadening charging locations within city centers."

There are currently more than 5,000 supercharging stations throughout the globe, and that number will increase to more than 10,000 by year's end. There will also be 15,000 Destination Charging connectors around the world. In North America, there'll be a 150 percent increase in superchargers, and California alone will receive an additional 1,000 superchargers. As is currently the case, the new stations and expansion of existing ones are located along busy travel routes, and each station can accommodate several dozen cars charging at once. There have been previous complaints by owners of long lines and waiting times at these stations, and it's clear Tesla has listened.

The company also encourages people to charge their Teslas at home in order to help reduce station wait times. Also, new Tesla owners as well as upcoming Model 3 owners will have to pay a fee to use the stations. Long-time owners will continue to pay nothing. This network expansion is quite a big deal, and although no figure was given, this is probably a multi-billion dollar investment. In addition, a Tesla semi-truck is on the way, so it makes complete sense for these new charging stations to be in place before that arrives.


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