Tesla Driver Accidentally Discovers That The Model S Can Float In Water

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Elon Musk later confirmed that the car could temporarily become a boat.

We're not really sure what Elon Musk is up to, but there is mounting evidence to suggest that he is trying to make Tesla a company that not only supplies attractive electric vehicles but one that also provides drivers and passengers with the ultimate tool for escaping the global climate change apocalypse. It seemed to begin with the "bioweapon defense mode," which debuted on the Model X and made use of a HEPA filter to purify the air from any dangerous pollutants. That sounds like a good choice for those in polluted cities, but what about folks in flooded ones?

This new video from Kazakhstan showcases an unknown Model S feature that will serve well for when the world's glaciers melt and flood the major cities. In this particular case, the Model S drives through a flooded underpass that has left other vehicles stranded. This feat is surprising given the fact that electricity and water are two things that don't go together well. The water level surrounding the Tesla appears to be high enough to cover the battery pack, which is located low in the chassis. Impressively, the driver navigates around stalled cars and comes out the other side without succumbing to the water.

The water that covers the hood on the front end of the car is proof that the Model S has some serious wading capabilities.

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Luckily for this owner, the battery compartment is sealed well, and so are the other electric components for that matter. After the video surfaced, Elon Musk took to his favorite means of making public addresses and tweeted that the Model S is sealed up well enough to actually float for short periods of time. He expanded by saying that while he doesn't recommend it, the Model S has the ability to temporarily turn into a boat and use its spinning wheels as a means of thrust. As one Electrek reader mentioned, one of the Model S Easter eggs changes the image of the Model S into James Bond's submersible Lotus Esprit. Maybe this is all the proof we need to prove that Musk wants his cars to be climate apocalypse proof.

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