Tesla Drivers Exact Revenge On Owners Using Superchargers As Parking Spaces

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There's a way to plug in a non-charging Tesla and make the owner pay an Idle Fee.

Some electric vehicle owners are tired of the anti-social behavior some of their counterparts practice at charging stalls and are fighting back against this in a unique way. As reported by Teslarati, it appears some EV drivers have taken to occupying chargers even when they're not using the amenities. But a new trend may put a stop to this.

Disgruntled individuals have taken to plugging these vehicles into charge ports which, for Tesla vehicles, automatically activates the brand's Idle Fee. One frustrated Model 3 owner in the US took to Twitter to express his frustration, noting that another Tesla was parked at a charger (unplugged) while five EV drivers were waiting to use the facility.

"Found someone else who's parked without charging, since they 'forgot' to plug in, I plugged it in for them so they can get some idle fees since there's a [five-car] line. Love helping the community," wrote Twitter user Zach.


And if you're wondering how another person was able to open a stranger's charging port, it's apparently relatively simple. By simply pressing a button on the charger, the flap on the vehicle opens, allowing you to plug the car in.

Of course, we do not condone this behavior. Fiddling with another person's property (car or otherwise) is not something we endorse, but we understand why someone would be moved to do this. As an electric vehicle owner, you should boost the EV's popularity. Behavior like this only adds to the charging issues experienced in many regions.

And it's not just happening in America, either. Footage from China shows rude EV owners also choose to occupy parking spaces even when their vehicles aren't using the charger.

Interestingly, Tesla China has attempted to solve the problem by fitting floor locks to charging port bays. This prevents non-Tesla vehicles from occupying the space. Sadly, entitled Tesla drivers still think they can use the area to park even if they're not topping up their batteries.

This behavior is usually associated with certain ICE drivers who, for some reason, despise the concept of electric vehicles. A trend known as 'Icing' became popular a few years ago, and it involves purposefully parking your combustion-engine car in front of a charging station as some sort of protest.

It's bad enough that EV owners must contend with issues like this, but it's worse when a fellow EV driver partakes in this anti-social behavior. Whether or not you agree with the acts of revenge seen here is another story, but we can understand why people would resort to activating Idle Fees.


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