Tesla Driving Dad Creates The Ludicrous Water Challenge For Kids


Ludicrous Mode will get the better of just about anyone, human or machine. Technology is scary.

Brooks over at DragTimes has fun making videos with his Tesla Model S P90D, mostly scaring the daylights out of people with the electric car's Ludicrous Mode. The G-forces of that 0-60 dash in as little as 2.5 seconds are absolutely, well, ludicrous. Added to the fact that there's no revs to hear bouncing off the limiter to ready yourself for the launch, your mind simply wants to melt and your bowels want to release. The futuristic electric car has the power to out-launch a supercar.

Brooks seems to be like most car guys we know, he's got strict rules about anyone eating or drinking in his Tesla. There's just nothing worse than having to clean liquids or crumbs from between the seats and stitching. Oddly, even though he has this rule, he's fitted his car with cup holders for the passengers in the rear.

Oh, those rear cup holders aren't an option from Tesla by the way, it's a custom console that a friend of his makes and supplies. Back to the video, the kids are challenged to sip the water without spilling, if they can do it, it's open season to eat and drink in the Tesla, of not, they never complain again. To be fair, most plastic cups have lids for travel, but when dad makes the rules, anything goes. At least one kid made $20. Could you manage it?

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