Tesla Expanding Supercharger Empire

Yes, we'll admit it: Tesla has proven that not all EVs suck after all.

There’s no question that Tesla is on a quest to bring not only its Model S sedan to a global audience, but also its signature and impressive Supercharger network. At the moment, Americans have a coast to coast Supercharger station network at their disposal, and European Tesla owners now have a similar thing. Tesla has just announced that it’s completed new Supercharger locations connecting the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

This allows for customers to travel from the Autobahn to a sky trip in the Swiss Alps. All told, there are now 81 Supercharger locations worldwide, 14 of which are in Europe. More specifically, eight of those Superchargers are in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The additional six are in Norway. Tesla also points out that by the end of March 2014, some 50 percent of the German population will live within 200 miles of a Supercharger. 100 percent of the population will be covered by the end of next year. And like in the US, use of the Tesla Supercharger is free of charge for owners.

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