Tesla Expects Asia and Europe to Dwarf American Sales

Says it will sell twice as much to those markets in 2014 as it does in North America.

Tesla’s unstoppable expansion is in the midst of takingEurope by storm, with 30 sales and service centers expect to open on thecontinent this year alone. Concurrently, the EV company is rolling out more andmore battery-charging stations in Europe, preparing for an onslaught of salesthat will eventually dwarf its North American market, especially when coupledwith its upcoming sales in China. According to the company, global sales willrise more than 55 percent this year.

With increased manufacturing ability aided by its planned “Gigafactory,” Tesla will launch its dealerships in China later this year, joining its existing sales in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. Thisspring, it will also add a right-hand steering wheel to the Model S, allowingit to sell the car in the UK. Tesla sales are also expected to increase significantly onceit releases the Model X crossover later in 2014 and the rumored Model E further down the line.

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