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Tesla Fights Back Against Supercharger-Blocking Truck Owners

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'ICEing' a charging station could soon be a thing of the past.

The act of physically blocking Tesla Supercharger stations with gas-powered vehicles, also known as 'ICEing', is on the rise, and Tesla owners are not pleased. We've reported pickup truck owners purposely parking their vehicles in front of the charging stations before mocking Tesla drivers who come to recharge their cars.

Clearly, something has to be done to stop this anti-social behavior and it appears that a solution may have been found in China.

Electrek reports that Tesla's China division has begun deploying lock devices in parking spots with QR codes specifically linked to an app for Tesla owners to unlock them as needed.

It's a really simple idea that could solve part of the problem. Why only part? Because what's to stop a Tesla-hating truck driver (or any other gas-powered vehicle driver) from physically parking and blocking the entire spot without pulling in between the lines?

Here's another problem: Tesla typically does not own the parking lots where these Superchargers are installed, thus making it even more difficult and expensive to add a gate of some sort. And unless Tesla installs gates that also need to be unlocked via an app, the problem of ICEing could easily continue.

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But still, Tesla's current fix is not a bad idea and it will probably help in the short-term. Unfortunately, it's only in China for now, but knowing Tesla it'll be rolled out to other countries soon.

We think there is a long-term solution to ICEing, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is totally game. In fact, he's already announced it: an all-electric pickup truck.

Ford will also be launching a fully electrified version of its F-150 in the near future. Chevrolet and Ram will likely have no choice but to follow. Eventually, those Tesla-hating truck owners may be driving EV (trucks) of their own one day.