Tesla Finally Figures Out How To Prevent Unintended Acceleration


Time to stop smacking into things.

Over the years, there have been a few incidents where a Tesla driver crashed into something, such as a building, for no apparent reason. Drivers blamed unintended acceleration. They wanted to stop the vehicle but, for whatever reason(s), were unable to. Many safety advocates and even Tesla believed some of those drivers confused the accelerator and brake pedals. It's certainly plausible but Tesla owners are known to be a vocal bunch and, justifiably so, wanted the EV automaker to properly study the potentially deadly issue. Well, Tesla did just that.

According to Inside EVs, the carmaker has included in its latest V9 over-the-air software update a new feature called Obstacle-Aware Acceleration.


How does it work? It simply limits acceleration if an obstacle of any type is detected in front of the car. However, this will only work when the car is driving at low speeds. How low? That remains unknown for now but we'll likely get an answer relatively soon. The big question is whether this new feature will be enough to prevent unintended acceleration in general, assuming the driver isn't mixing up the accelerator and brake pedals. There's little to nothing Tesla can do for those drivers. It's up to them to know how to drive a vehicle.

Image via Tesla

Tesla has been quick to issue software updates when problems like this have arisen. This latest over-the-air update is for all three Tesla vehicles, Model S, 3 and X, so the issue of unintended acceleration could very well be solved once and for all. Remember folks, the gas pedal is for your right foot and the brake pedal is for the left. That's something a high-tech company like Tesla can't change.

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