Tesla Finally Gets a Name in China

A somewhat embarrassing situation has finally come to an end.

The last time we left off on this somewhat strange saga, Tesla had just opened up its first Chinese dealership in Beijing but the celebration couldn’t go exactly as planned. Because a Chinese businessman who registered the name "Te Si La" back in 2006 and refused to sell the rights, Tesla couldn’t call itself Tesla in China. The situation first became known back in October and as of December, it still wasn’t resolved. Tesla simply wasn’t willing to pay this businessman tens of millions of dollars for the naming rights.

Because of this, other similar sounding names were being floated around. But Tesla wasn’t willing to let this guy get away with such a shady move on his part, so it took him to court over the issue – and won. Tesla’s vice president of Chinese operations, Veronica Wu, just stated that "We went to court and won. The court has given us the right to use the name, which is why you see the Chinese name in our store now." Yes, Tesla in China will officially be "Te Si La," the EV automaker’s first choice all along. And for the record, the Model S will sell for the US equivalent of $121,300 after shipping costs and taxes. That same car sells for $81,070 in the US.

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