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Tesla Finally Opens Up Model 3 Configurator To Everyone

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But it doesn't mean you can get a car right away.

Buying a Tesla Model 3 hasn't been a very straightforward process. After putting down an initial $1,000 deposit, many prospective buyers are still waiting to receive their car. That's because Tesla is currently delivering more expensive versions of the Model 3, while the base $35,000 car has yet to enter production. More fortunate Tesla customers have received confirmation emails, which include a configurator to build their car. So far, only reservation holders have been able to see the configurator - until now.

After two years of only delivering cars to reservation holders, Electrek reports that Tesla will finally open the Online Design Studio to anyone in the US or Canada, so they can configure their Model 3. Despite being open to everyone, Tesla will still prioritize deliveries to those with preorders. Tesla still hasn't announced when it will begin production on the Model 3 with the smaller battery pack, but did say the performance Model 3 could arrive in showrooms by the end of the month. So what was the point of that reservation system? Preorder customers who are still waiting for their $35,000 Model 3 won't be happy.

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With the order books open, someone who wants a Model 3 with the bigger battery or performance version may end up receiving their car before someone who has gave Tesla a $1,000 deposit two years ago. The whole thing seems a bit backwards, but should be sorted out soon as Tesla ramps up production.