Tesla Gets Own Race Series And It Should Be Ludicrously Fast

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We finally get to see Tesla's first race car.

This year, visitors of the Autosport International will be able to see the premier of the Electric GT Championship, a new European race series that will feature the Tesla Model S. Races are set to begin in 2017 and a few big announcements are expected to take place at the show including new drivers, and some high-profile brand ambassadors. You will also be able to see the car that will compete in the series, a highly modified Tesla Model S P85+. This is the first ever fully electric GT racing car.

Unlike NASCAR, there won't be any rumbling from the engine vibrations, nor will there be that same excitement of the pit stop. We don't know how recharging will be handled, but we bet that the race will just be kept short. It would be rather boring if half way through the race all of the drivers had to stop for two hours to charge their racers.

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The series will consist of 20 international racing drivers both male and female competing for ten teams. Each team will use an race-prepared Model S with special safety equipment and bespoke Pirelli tires. The car itself looks fantastic as a race car. There is a huge wing on the back for added aerodynamics and the cabin has been stripped of all the nice materials, leaving just a racing seat with all of the necessary buttons and switches. It is quite odd to see a luxury car converted into a race car, especially since Tesla's famous center display seems to have been left inside, but a race series with absolutely no engine noise is an even stranger concept.

The series will travel to seven famous European tracks including Paul Ricard, Barcelona, Assen, Estoril and the Nurburgring, and a few others before staging three non-championship races in the Americas.

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