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Tesla Gives Us Its First Tease Of The Model Y, Expect It To Outsell The Model 3

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Even without Falcon Wing doors, this will easily be Tesla's best seller.

Like President Trump, Elon Musk likes to divulge information 140 characters at a time on his well-followed Twitter account. One fateful October in 2015, Musk sent out a tweet detailing the Model Y, which was supposedly going to get the Falcon Wing doors from the Model X, leading many to assume it would share platforms with either the large SUV given the doors or the smaller Model 3 due to its size. However, times change, mistakes were made, and the overly complex and ambitious Model X was not the right foundation for the Model Y.

And neither was the Model 3 for that matter. Musk recently informed us that Tesla would build the Model Y on its own platform to avoid the same pitfalls that the Model X saw while giving the automaker a dedicated SUV platform that's easy to produce and can be used on subsequent trucks and SUVs. CNBC is reporting that Musk confirmed the separate platform at a recent shareholder meeting, touching on the upcoming Model Y and Tesla semi truck before dropping a teaser image for the former of the two vehicles. Notably absent from the image are the Falcon Wing doors, which, in all honesty, we're not too sad to see missing. The simplified platform will be a huge help to Tesla and will shorten production time.

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Tesla plans to build the Model Y at a separate production facility because the Fremont factory is already "bursting at the seams." The new factory will also pioneer new assembly line and construction techniques to speed up the process. Musk believes there are "many major manufacturing improvements that allow us to build the car in a way that a car has never been built before." He claims this could cut investment by a factor of two over what's needed for the Model 3 while simultaneously speeding up production time. This would perfectly position Tesla to build what's expected to be its hottest-selling model (it's a small crossover SUV for the mass-market so of course it'll sell well) more effectively.

Barring any Model 3 delays, expect the Model Y in 2019. As for the Tesla truck, Musk goes on to mention that interest is incredibly high. "They want to know how many can they buy, and how soon," Musk said. He also "really recommends" people show up for the unveiling, saying "maybe there is a little more than we are saying here," he said. The logistics of an electric semi-truck make even the thought of one seem impractical, but Musk's forte seems to be making the impossible possible. Guess we'll have to wait and see.