Tesla Has A Mystery Project In Texas

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Records show "Bobcat Project" is almost underway.

It looks like Tesla is planning another factory in Austin, Texas, according to documents filed with the city and discovered by Austin Business Journal. This new development would be in addition to the company's Gigafactory, which will produce the Cybertruck, Semi, Model X and Model Y, though what it will be used for is anyone's guess. We do know that the site plan was called Bobcat Project.

Tesla owns more than 2,500 acres in Austin and around its extraterritorial jurisdiction, which is the unincorporated land that is not within the city limits, but is controlled by it. Only some of that is buildable land as the city has a limit to impervious cover, i.e. any human-made surface that doesn't absorb rainfall like sidewalks, roads, parking lots and buildings.

Terafactory Texas - YouTube

We have two videos of drone footage from Terafactory Texas to check out the details. Look to about the 24-minute mark to see the new site, which looks like it is being cleared for construction. ABJ notes that the huge pond would obviously have to be filled in. ABJ talked to the assistant director of the city's Development Services Department, who said that Tesla has been "doing restoration work since last year to wind down the mining operations on the land."

Bobcat Project will be a satellite operation to the main Gigafactory, which Musk says will be up and running by the end of 2021. There are almost 300 jobs posted to the company's website now, but Tesla expects to need 10,000 people at the plant by the end of 2022. That's after originally estimating the need for just 5,000 employees.

Gigafactory Terafactory Texas - YouTube
Gigafactory Terafactory Texas - YouTube
Gigafactory Terafactory Texas - YouTube

With the rest of the massive parcel, rumors are swirling that Musk might build an additional SpaceX facility. The current HQ is in Hawthorne, California, but if you're building rockets, open space is key. Just this week the company launched and landed its Starship, which will take astronauts to the moon and possibly to Mars.

Days are always full for Musk and his company. Last weekend the CEO hosted Saturday Night Live. We recently saw a patent for new swiveling seats, and a centrally located and possibly movable steering wheel. That is all coming off last months tragedy when two people were killed riding in a Tesla with no one in the driver's seat.

Source Credits: Austin Business Journal

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