Tesla Has Already Beaten Faraday Future's Record 0-60 Time


It didn't take long for Tesla to claim back its record for fastest-accelerating EV.

Well that didn't take long. Faraday Future has been bragging about how the 0-60mph time of its 1,050 horsepower FF 91 makes it the fastest-accelerating EV ever – faster, even, than the Tesla Model S, which previously held the record. The FF 91 will hit 0-60mph in 2.39 seconds, whereas the Model S will reach the same speed in 2.5 seconds - but that was before the recent Ludicrous+ update.

Not long after the Faraday Future's reveal at this year's CES, Tesla Racing Channel put the speed boosting update to the test by posting a 0-60 mph time in a Model S P100D sedan on a drag strip (where else?). The result? 2.389 seconds. Yes, that's only a thousandth of a second faster - these electric car comparisons are starting to get petty. But a victory is a victory, right?

To put things in perspective, this time was achieved by simply installing a software update, which is remarkable. It was also done in a completely stock Model S in its first run. Whereas the Faraday Future hasn't even started production yet and probably won't go on sale until at least 2018, Tesla has already managed to beat the record time in a car that's on sale today. It's clear, then, that the setbacks Faraday Future is facing with its production plant in Las Vegas are costing them dearly. The competition is literally speeding past them.

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