Tesla Has Another Big Cybertruck Decision To Make

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Elon Musk posts on Twitter. Again.

Tesla is not your typical automaker in so many ways. In particular, it lacks a PR team on the scale of its mainstream competitors. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is his company's best PR man, making big announcements on Twitter that have, at times, landed him in trouble with the Feds. But Musk also uses this social media platform as a way quick and nearly free way to make headlines. His latest tweet: Where to build the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck?

Musk just revealed on Twitter he's currently scouting locations for a new Cybertruck Gigafactory somewhere in central USA. Not only is there plenty of available land available to build such a massive new Gigafactory, but also a ready and willing workforce. Such a new factory will create hundreds if not thousands of new jobs, a fact that hasn't escaped the attention of many politicians.

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It didn't take long for Musk to receive numerous offers from state politicians on Twitter to build this factory in their states. Oklahoma's Secretary of Commerce directly replied to Musk, selling his state as "the electric vehicle capital of the world (200+ charging stations), lowest cost biz state, 2nd lowest utility cost, amazing quality of life and best labor force." He wants to set up a meeting between Musk and the state's governor. State legislators from North Carolina, Arkansas, and Nebraska also directly responded to Musk's tweet.

Not only is this new planned facility going to handle Cybertruck production, but it will also be used for Tesla Model Y production. The competition amongst states is officially underway. Central USA is a very broad region, meaning the factory could be built anywhere from Colorado to Tennessee. It'll all boil down to tax incentives, proximity to suppliers, and other related factors.


Musk gave no deadline as to when the winning state will be announced, but we can bet construction will get underway fairly soon thereafter. Tesla managed to build its entire Shanghai, China facility in only 10 months, for example. Elsewhere overseas, construction is now underway on its new Berlin, Germany-area factory.

But one thing is likely certain: Musk won't select any states where Tesla sales and service centers are banned due to pressure from the dealership lobby.

The tables have turned.

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2021 Tesla Model Y Side View Tesla
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