Tesla Has Finally Stopped Morons From Using Its Autopilot System


Was it the right thing to do?

After seeing the type of idiotic things people were doing with Tesla's Autopilot system, we're happy to report that the automaker has finally updated the Autopilot system with some restrictions in place. Recently, we saw an individual let the Autopilot system drive him around from the backseat, which was terrifying to watch. Unbelievably, this wasn't an isolated case and even Tesla admitted that it had to do something about the system. With Tesla's latest firmware update (7.1), Tesla has placed some restrictions on the Autopilot's capabilities.

According to a report from Teslarati, Tesla has restricted the Autopilot's capabilities to speeds below the posted speed limit and has disabled Autosteer under the same conditions. The new update has upset some Tesla owners, who have taken to Tesla Motor Club's forum to express their disapproval. Teslarati has quoted a user saying: "If there's an update that removes a functionality that is useful for ME then I'm not going to install it. Moreover, I'll sue Tesla if they update my car without asking me. This screenshot with 45 mph restriction is now a line in the sand for me." Tesla's active cruise control wasn't affected by the new updates.

Source Credits: www.teslarati.com

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