Tesla Has Taken $11 Billion Worth Of Model 3 Orders In Under A Week

If the automaker can fulfill all its orders this thing will be a hit.

No one, not even Tesla CEO Elon Musk, saw this coming. Clearly everyone underestimated the demand for the new Model 3 sedan as orders for the electric vehicle nearly hit 200,000 after the first 24 hours. Tesla has so far received a staggering 276,000 orders and they’re still coming in. The majority of those buying the car have tacked on some options to boost the sedan up from its base price of $35,000 to an average of $42,000. If all of the deposits translate into sales, Tesla will bring in more than $11 billion dollars. Say it with us: damn!

That’s very impressive. And since the orders are still coming in, Musk is expected to reveal the full-week order count on Wednesday. He revealed the figure through Twitter this weekend, where the CEO also took some time to confirm that the Model 3 will be rear-wheel drive with the option to tack on a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system. He also stated that the Model 3 would be able to fit two child seats in the back and have a tow hitch as an option. For those not in the know, the Model 3 will be able to accelerate to 60 mph in less than six seconds and is expected to have a range of at least 215 miles on one charge. Not to mention the ability to seat five. It sounds like the Model 3 is already a hit and it even isn’t close to coming out.

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