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Truck Owners Continue To Block Tesla Superchargers

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Blocking Superchargers, or 'Icing', is becoming a thing.

Last week we reported about a new phenomenon where pickup truck owners physically block access to Tesla Superchargers with their vehicles. The first incident we learned about happened in North Carolina. Truck owners yelled expletives about Tesla until they were finally forced to leave the charging station. Similar situations have happened in other parts of the US and some state governments and municipalities are working on legislation making that illegal. But until that happens, it sounds like some truck owners are going to keep on 'Icing' charging stations.

Another Reddit user has just posted details about yet another case of pickup truck drivers taking over a Supercharging station. Once again, they shouted profanities at Tesla owners who were attempting to charge their cars.

The truck owners apparently chose this specific station during a popular time for long-distance traveling over the holidays. Unfortunately, we don't know which state and city this latest incident took place in, but it's hardly limited to North Carolina, or anywhere else down south.

Is 'Icing' the start of a growing national trend? Unlikely, no. Most of the time, internal combustion engine vehicle drivers who park at a Tesla Supercharger station do so accidentally. They don't realize the area is reserved. Sometimes they simply don't care and park wherever they feel like it, but they're not shouting at or even engaging with Tesla owners. But these pickup truck drivers are a different story.

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They are purposely doing what they're doing and with immense satisfaction. To them, Teslas and their owners are part of a liberal elite class, and yet, ironically, Teslas are manufactured in America and are running on American energy. But what will happen when Tesla launches its own pickup truck in the next year or two? Will they block a fellow truck driver from juicing up their vehicle? Probably.