Tesla-Hating Truck Owners Are Getting What They Deserve


Time to get rid of the ICEHoles.

Late last year we learned that some pickup truck owners in a few states were taking out their rage, or perhaps utter hatred, of Teslas and their owners by purposely blocking charging stations with their vehicles, a practice known as ICEing. Obviously, the Tesla community did not like this and pictures of these instances quickly made their way online. Even Tesla itself wanted to help find a solution. But perhaps the best solution is legislation.

According to The Colorado Sun, the Colorado House of Representatives has passed a new bill, which is now in the Colorado Senate, which will impose a $150 fine on drivers who illegally park in a charging space and are not using the charger itself. Not only will this law, assuming it gets passed, target internal combustion vehicles but also plug-in hybrids and EVs once the latter two have been parked there for over a half an hour without charging. Smart.

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Reaction to the bill so far has been mixed. EV owners are obviously quite happy. "This was problematic because I had 30 miles left of range on my battery and the next Supercharger - east or west - was about 90 miles," said Mitchell, president of the Denver Tesla Club. "Having access to this Supercharger was imperative for me to get back to Denver in a timely manner. So I parked my car and went into the hotel and told them."

Other citizens are less than pleased over the proposed law because they claim there aren't enough EVs in the area to even warrant designated charging parking spot. But still, automakers are on the cusp of launching new and more affordable EVs beyond what's on sale currently.


The state of Colorado, it seems, is also taking a pre-emptive approach to the issue. It's also one of the top states for EV sales, and the previous governor, John Hickenlooper, promoted a plan to increase the number of charging stations and to encourage residents to buy EVs.

"This is a solution looking for a problem," said the CEO of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, Tim Jackson. "Non-electric cars parked in electric charging stations are rare and didn't need protection from hundreds of dollars in fines or tow-aways to solve."


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