Tesla Hides "Santa Mode" For The Holidays


Add this to the massive list of easter eggs from Tesla.

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk is clearly a huge fan of what video gamers call "easter eggs." These are usually hidden features within the game that harken back to a previous game or even a completely different franchise. Tesla has gone absolutely wild with these easter eggs. Even the famous Ludicrous Mode was taken from the movie 'Space Balls,' which Musk is a fan of. Musk had hinted that the new Roadster will take another joke from the movie, and include an even faster launch mode called Maximum Plaid.

We've seen people play around with easter eggs on Tesla models such as the James Bond Lotus or the Rainbow Road from Mario Kart, but this latest easter egg is a bit more festive, as it replaces the Tesla on the instrument panel with Santa's sleigh.

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This cute hidden feature is activated by entering "Ho Ho Ho" as a voice command. The system then replaces the image of a Tesla with Santa's sleigh and starts playing Christmas music. We love little features like this, and we wish that more automakers had a sense of humor like Tesla.