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Tesla Hires a Hacker to Prevent Car Hacking

Getting your car hacked into? It's only a matter of time.

Cyber hacking is a rapidly growing problem in this day and age. It’s not going to come to an end anytime soon. And, for better or worse, cars today regularly have built-in communications systems that enable users to plug-in their smartphones, which incidentally usually contain a lot of personal information. If you thought the recent Target data theft was bad, in the near future that could be nothing compared to what hackers could do to car owners.

In typically forward thinking fashion, Tesla is already busy preparing for the day of car hacking by hiring a full-time professional hacker. Kristin Paget, formerly of Microsoft, eBay, Google and Apple, is now Tesla’s in-house hacking expert who presumably will work to find and fix hole’s in the automaker’s software. Thing is, neither Paget nor Tesla is revealing what exactly she will be doing. It’s kind of a secret. More than likely, Paget is working to secure the systems and apps that allow Tesla owners to remotely start their car, lock/unlock it, check the battery charge, and generally making sure the constant internet connection is hacker proof.

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