Tesla Hires More Employees From Apple Than Anywhere Else

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Touchscreens are the most important thing in the universe.

If you've ever had conversations with both Apple fanboys and Tesla fanboys, you've probably noticed a lot of similarities. A whole other article would be needed to discuss these in any depth, but we have found out that this is more than coincidence. Bloomberg has reported that Tesla hired more employees from Apple than any other company, even more than from automotive companies, with the total number coming in at 150.

Quite a lot of these employees are software engineers, which makes sense given the increasingly important role of software in the building of cars, but there have also been lawyers and HR people. Former Tesla employees have spoken of Elon Musk's fondness for Apple, and how much he loves being compared to Steve Jobs. Bloomberg went on to point out that both companies look for the same sorts of things in employees, driven people who work well with a strong leader. Might go some way towards explaining the cult-like status of both of these worlds.


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