Tesla Holiday Update Brings Light Show Plus Track And Dog Modes To Model Y

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Apple Music, coordinated light shows, gaming, and more.

Tesla has just rolled out Holiday Update 2022.44.25.1, bringing numerous additional features to various models.

One of these improvements adds the ability for an owner to view the cabin camera from the Tesla app while using Dog Mode or Sentry Mode. With this, you can see what your pup is up to and if they're still comfy.

The Light Show feature can now be scheduled with a 10-minute delay, allowing multiple Tesla vehicles to create an "orchestra of light," and Steam gaming is now available, albeit in beta mode. Steam gaming is available for the Model S and the Model X, and Bluetooth controllers are supported.

Interestingly, company CEO Elon Musk says that this even works with a keyboard and mouse and that it's as powerful as a Sony PlayStation 5.


Musk also noted that this syncs with your Steam profile, allowing you to pick up games like Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, or other titles in your car where you left off on your console. Unfortunately, the gaming feature doesn't work on any but the latest Model S and Model X EVs, but Musk says a retrofit will soon be available for older models.

In other news, the rumors of Apple Music integration have turned out to be accurate, allowing for streaming directly from the Apple Music library. Zoom calls can also now be made from inside your Tesla using the cabin's camera. There's no longer any excuse for missing a meeting.

Tesla has also announced that garage doors can be remotely controlled from the car's touchscreen display using MyQ, with this reportedly to be offered as part of a 30-day free trial for some Model 3 and Model Y owners. And the Rainbow Road can now always be shown when Tesla Autopilot is active.

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And for the speed freaks, Track Mode has finally been made available for the Model Y Performance after it was rolled out for the Model S Plaid at the beginning of 2022. Initially, this was only available on the Model 3 Performance.

Many of these updates will seem gimmicky to those who have yet to buy into the Tesla lifestyle. Still, there's no denying that constant improvement of a vehicle makes it more attractive, and many new features seem great, especially when waiting to recharge an EV.

Teslas are more like computers with wheels than cars with computers, and the company's unrivaled updates appear to be leading the way for connected cars once again.


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