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Tesla Introduces Portable Fast Charger

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A great solution, as long as you have the right plug.

Most Tesla-related news usually revolves around share prices, production issues and predictions of whether or not they will be posting a profit in the next quarter. In light of this, the news that the carmaker has just introduced a portable battery charger may seem somewhat inconsequential, but it is a good sign when even the small things are given due consideration.

In this case, that small thing is listed on Tesla's website as the Wall Connector with 14-50 Plug. If you already have an existing 14-50 NEMA outlet installed in your home within reach of your car then this is rather good news.

Firstly, it offers a 25 percent faster charge rate than the Gen 2 mobile connector that your Tesla came with and the fact that it is portable means that you can pack it in your car and take advantage of the faster charging speeds while away from home.

At $500 it is not exorbitantly priced either, Tesla claims that it is simple to install (you just plug it in) and doesn't require an electrician. But this all hinges on whether you already have an existing 14-50 outlet. Installing one if you are not able to do it yourself will cost another few hundred dollars.

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The charger also comes with a low-profile bracket that allows you to clip the unit to your garage wall. The 24-foot charging cable should be long enough for most and it provides 40 amps of power for all Model S, Model X and Model 3 Long Range vehicles. Model 3 Mid-Range and Standard Range vehicles will charge at a slightly slower 32 amps.

If you frequently travel out of town where the Supercharger network is still patchy or prefer to use your friends' electricity to charge your car, then, as long as there is a suitable 14-50 outlet handy, this portable charger may be just the thing.