Tesla Is Giving Its Cars The Biggest Update Since The Birth Of The Company

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Yes, that means more Autopilot capabilities.

Despite the tragic death that occurred behind the wheel of a Model S using its Autopilot system, Tesla will now roll out version 8.0 of its software system, what will be the largest system overhaul since the unveiling of the Model S. Like all other Tesla updates, owners will wake up to the update having been installed in their cars thanks to the over the air update system. The Autopilot software is one of the main features that will get the overhaul to extend its capabilities.

This new version of the Beta software will allow Teslas to automatically drive themselves off of a freeway ramp by activating the turn signal. Prior to the update we tested Autopilot and tried to get it to merge off of a freeway ramp. All we can say is that the system needed refining at the time. Traffic-Aware cruise control and Autosteer will also see refinement to offer a smoother ride in traffic. The dashboard display showing adjacent vehicles will also be updated to reflect the angle of travel each of those vehicles is moving in to help the display become a real time reflection of the world through Autopilot's eyes. As Tesla tries to get its system sharpened to one day be able to offer fully autonomous capabilities, every little extra feature is a step forward.

The user interface itself will also get an upgrade and should look cleaner. Voice commands will be made more intuitive by eliminating the need to hold down the button for use and by transcribing what the system thinks it hears on the screen. Aside from that, the map and navigation system will get a visual touch up as well as the ability to plan alternative routes that avoid tolls or work around range limitations. Unfortunately for US Spotify users, the app won't be available with this refresh unless your Tesla is being used in Europe, but that may change upon release. Currently the new version is in testing mode but Tesla owners can expect to see it in as soon as a matter of weeks or months. No comment on updated amphibious capabilities.

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