Tesla is Going All-Out in High-Performance

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The EV automaker not only hired the Aston Martin One-77's engineer, but also just bought itself a test track.

Tesla's first production model was the high-performing Roadster. Although insanely expensive and with its fair share of faults, its overall abilities on the track were very impressive. Too bad its battery life wasn't the best. Fortunately, the new Model S combines solid performance and long-lasting batteries into one sleek package. And as Tesla grows, it's also planning to expand its future models' fun factor.

Tesla has now reportedly bought the 35-acre test track next to its Fremont, California factory from Union Pacific Railroad. What's more, only two months ago Tesla hired a guy named Chris Porritt to become the automaker's new vice president of vehicle engineering. Porritt was hired away from Aston Martin where he served as the head of the firm's Vehicle Engineering team and headed up development of the One-77. Point being, Tesla wants its upcoming models to handle like no other. When combined with the performance abilities that have been so well displayed by the Model S, the eventual Roadster replacement could be one hell of a thing.

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