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Tesla Is Helping Puerto Rico Restore Power By Sending Battery Packs

"This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water." - Trump

Puerto Rico is in terrible shape right now following the devastating destruction of Hurricane Maria about a week and a half ago. While there is debate and scrutiny about the US government’s response and subsequent aid to its (Trump quote:) "island surrounded by big water" territory, Tesla, according to Bloomberg, is chipping in big time. The electric car company is sending Puerto Rico hundreds of its Powerwall battery systems that, when combined with solar panels, can be extremely help in restoring the island’s "totally shot" power grid.

According to the report, some of these battery systems are already there and more on the way. Tesla even sent over some of its own employees to ensure those systems were properly installed. There’s nothing in the report mentioning whether Tesla is being paid for its services or not, but the fact remains it’s doing something productive. The vast majority of Puerto Rico is without power and there’s also a lack of running water, which brings its own set of problems, such as a cholera outbreak. But getting power restored to as much of the island as possible is a must. Even hospitals are suffering from power shortages, making it nearly impossible to treat patients. Hopefully Tesla can help bring an end to the residents’ suffering.

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