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Tesla is Now Allowed to Be Called Tesla in China

Lawsuit / 29 Comments

That only took well over a year to settle.

Back in 2006, a forward-thinking Chinese businessman named Zhan Baosheng registered the Tesla name. He correctly predicted that one day the then start-up EV automaker would set up shop in China. He was right. And then he demanded tens of millions of dollars from Tesla for the Chinese naming rights. Tesla told him to go f*ck himself. So, long story short, after many months of negotiating, Zhan has agreed to settle the dispute "completely and amicably" with Tesla.

He will now transfer the website names he registered, such as tesla.cn and teslamotors.cn, to the automaker. Both Tesla and Zhan are declining to talk about any of the financial terms of this settlement. What's actually funny here is that Zhan's business has absolutely nothing to do with cars. He's the owner of a skin care company. Tesla can now fully indulge in the extremely lucrative Chinese car market without any issues from this guy, who really cares that you have silky smooth skin.

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