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Tesla is Now in the Middle of Nowhere USA

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That would be Lusk, Wyoming.

Tesla is moving fast to expand its supercharger network across the US. Due to a growing number of Model S owners, the demand to recharge their cars has to be met, and Tesla knows it's their sole responsibility to make that happen. Tesla already has a free supercharging network coast to coast. But what about those rural areas? You know, out in the boondocks. The least populated county in the least populated state, a town with just 1,557 residents now has a Tesla supercharging station.

This would be in Lusk, Wyoming, an area of the country where you'd be more accustomed to seeing pickup trucks than any other type of car. The supercharging station is located at the Best Value Inn Covered Wagon Motel, where four charging units await Model S owners. So how do the local townsfolk feel about Tesla's high-tech invasion? Pretty darn good because there's hope it'll bring in wealthy tourists who'll grab a burger at the local diner while their cars recharge. The station also provides a vital spot between Cheyenne and Rapid City, South Dakota, where superchargers are located.

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