Tesla Is Recalling The Model X For Unsafe Seat Backs

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It's not nearly as bad as it sounds.

The Tesla Model X is barely a few months old and already it's facing a recall. A total of 2,700 units of the electric models are being recalled due to faulty 3rd-row seats in SUVs. The issue is that the safety latch for the rear seat backs can fail, causing the seats to snap forward. According to Tesla the issue is with the seats' supplier, Futuris, and that company will be paying for the repairs. The issue was discovered during testing to meet European safety regulations. The Model X had already passed 15 safety tests when it failed the 16th one that triggered the recall.

The issue only affects Model Xs made before March 26 so not every single car off the line is being recalled. Production problems are a big deal at Tesla right now as the automaker struggles to meet demand. Having to take cars off the street certainly doesn't help matters. However, Tesla is reporting no accidents related to the faulty latch so far which is good. The bigger issue seems to be the companies Tesla works with to supply parts for the Model X. Remember a few months ago when it sued a Germany company for its faulty gullwing doors? Tesla needs to settle it's supplier issues soon before the Model 3 launches. By that time production should be up which means potential recalls could take a crap ton of cars off the road, not just 2,700.

Jason Davis
Source Credits: www.usatoday.com

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