Tesla Just Dropped The Price Of Its SUV: Introducing The 'Budget' Model X 60D


Maybe now families will be able to afford it.

Not long after announcing a new, cheaper version of the Model S called the 60, Tesla is giving the Model X the same treatment. This new Model X will be known as the 60D (D = all-wheel drive) and will come with a 200 mile range and will cost $74,000. That is 34 miles and $9,000 less than the previous base model, the 75D. Although the 60D has a smaller range, it has the same 130 mph top speed and 6.0 second 0-60 mph time as the 75D. While saving $9,000 is nice the lower range may worry some.

An interesting thing to note is that the automaker says the 60D's battery can be upgraded to 75kWh, a increase of about 20%. There's no word on how much the software update will cost, but we like the move. The reality is that 200 miles might not be enough for some who initially thought it was. A paid update sounds like a fair way to meet range-conscious customers in the middle. Tesla has been coming out with new battery sizes for its Models like Oreo releases new flavors. Although releasing all of these model variants may seem like overkill, we really can't complain because Tesla is making its cars more affordable. Still, $74,000 for the "cheapest" Model X is pretty pricey, especially since it's double the price of the future most affordable Tesla, the Model 3.


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