Tesla Just Proved That The Roadster's Insane Performance Figures Are Real


Not only that but it’ll pull off those “Maximum Plaid Mode” accelerations time and time again without slacking.

With the reveal of the Tesla Roadster 2 being geared towards the enthusiast community, the biggest group of holdouts when it comes to admitting electric power is plenty viable in a supercar, it was no shock to any when the Tesla super fan and experienced supercar owner from the Drag Times YouTube channel was invited to the show. And of course, with plenty of disposable cash on hand, he decided to plunk down the deposit required to get his hands on the Tesla Roadster when it’s finally revealed to the public in 2020.

But that sort of cash is hard to part with when the deliverable won’t make it to your driveway for another two or so years. Tesla, however, is no dummy. It knows these fanatics are infatuated with the car and will jump at any opportunity to experience it, so the company brought out the preproduction Roadster and gave those fans the ride of their lives.

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The Roadster’s impressive acceleration time of 0-60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, the theoretical limit for a road car equipped with road tires, can only be achieved by putting the car in Maximum Plaid mode, Musk’s latest shoutout to the Space Balls movie that he’s referenced with the name of every other launch mode his cars have come with. The reactions from our Drag Times host are pure gold, and that's coming from a guy who takes his Model S P100D and McLaren 720S to the drag strip on a consistent basis. But the coolest thing we learn about the roadster in this little soirée is the fact that it can pull off those insane runs all night long without performance dropping off.