Tesla Just Quietly Pushed Back The Delivery Date For The Model 3


As it turns out, this is actually good news.

Those who have flipped through the turbulent pages of history and think that the modern day is a boring one are simply not paying attention. Political and financial tides are reshaping the world at this very moment and the speed of new technology will hopefully help adapt to that. Not long ago, Elon Musk got to work making his dream of an electric autonomous transportation network become a reality. With the Model 3 poised to be the final step towards mass acceptance of the plan, Musk can't afford to botch it up.

Tesla Inc

And so far it appears as if he hasn't, despite the fact that the delivery date for the Model 3 has been pushed back. This week, Tesla quietly changed the delivery date on its Model 3 webpage from late 2017 to mid 2018 or later. Initially, this sounded like a hushed way to drop big news that deliveries would be delayed by six months or more, following Tesla's repeated practice of missing its deadlines and pushing back delivery dates. Fortunately, CNBC cleared up the issue after speaking with the automaker and found that this isn't the case. In a statement to the financial news network, Tesla said, "Today's website update does not reflect any change in our plans."

We still plan to begin Model 3 production in mid-2017, and we adjusted the delivery date on our marketing page to reflect more accurate timing for new/future reservation holders," said the spokesperson. For now, those 400,000 who have put down deposits for a Model 3 should expect their cars in late 2017 when Musk first planned for the car's release. Anyone wanting to place a deposit now will have to wait until nearly half a million orders are filled before they get a Model 3. For Tesla, this is good because it means that the inexperienced automaker is planning ahead for the later stages. With any luck, Tesla will have loyal buyers waiting once the initial demand is filled.


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