Tesla Just Sweetened The Deal For Drivers Outside The US

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Why can't we have nice things?

Tesla may be at the head of the pack with its electric vehicles, but the automaker's cars aren't really cheap with a starting price of roughly $70,000 after EV incentives. For Tesla customers that purchase a car in Europe, Hong Kong, or Australia, the electric cars now come with free Spotify. Unfortunately, customers in the US can't have the free music service, which only works inside the car. The new partnership between Tesla and Spotify replaced the previous one between the brand and Rdio. A $10 music service seems a little cheap for a $70K car.

Jason Davis

After Rdio went bankrupt last month, Tesla went to Spotify to provide drivers with access to their music. Electric vehicle owners will get access to Spotify Premium for free, which is a saving of $10 a month-a steal at the vehicles starting price tag. While we're not really excited about the prospect, Tesla plans to bring the free music service to US owners in the near future. According to Jonathan Tarlton, Spotify's senior manager for automotive business development, the partnership between the two brands is a major step up in the development of the car radio. "Car radios have changed very little since the first FM radio was fitted over 60 years ago," stated Tarlton. "Until now." Who knew a free music service would draw this much attention?

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