Tesla Kills The P90D; Model S Gets The Model 3's Interior

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A lot of changes were made to the Tesla lineup today and more are to come.

The new electric automaker on the block (Tesla, not Fisker) seems to have set a precedence of unveiling changes to its models on its Design Studio website where buyers can spec out a Model S or X of their own. Following tradition, Tesla silently released its latest changes to its lineup on its Design Studio despite the fact that this type of news would usually garner a press release from a more conventional automaker. But if Tesla was conventional, we wouldn't have the Hellcat-beating semi self-driving family sedans that we do now.


The first important Tesla news flash is that the Model S can now be had with a full glass roof, much like the one that will be installed in the Model 3. The new glass roof doesn't replace the old panoramic sunroof, but the fact that Tesla jacked up the price of the sunroof option to $2,000 and put the glass roof in the sunroof's old price slot of $1,500 shows us which one Tesla prefers its owners to opt for. To make the point clear, Tesla adds a note to the glass roof selection reading, "Tesla recommended for an open, expansive cabin feel." Tesla CEO Elon Musk even tweeted that he recommends that owners opt for the glass roof citing that it makes the interior feel "amazing."

Unfortunately, the panoramic sunroof or the standard body color roof is still needed to install the satellite radio antenna or the roof racks. In a separate tweet, Musk divulged that Tesla will soon unveil an easter egg for the P100D that unlocks full performance. This coincides with the second piece of information revealed by Tesla's Design Studio: the P90D has been axed. It will lose its performance package and be sold only as the 90D. Electrek speculates that, given the $40,000 price gap between the 90D and P100D Model X and the $45,000 gulf between like Model S variants, a 100D model will soon come to bridge the gap. Seems as if the Jetsons' prediction that we'd all be driving glass bubbles in the future is coming true.

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