Tesla Leaf Fighter Coming to Detroit in 2015

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And it'll very likely be worth the wait.

Tesla is serious about getting its entry-level model on the road in the very near future. Testing is currently happening, but the goal is to get the car ready for a reveal at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Although that's some 13 months away, there's still plenty of work to be done in order to meet that deadline. Judging by Tesla's previous success stories in meeting its goals, we have very little doubt that this upcoming Nissan Leaf fighter will be ready in time. Supposedly called the Model E, it'll have a base price of around $35,000.

Tesla is also stressing it won't look like a scaled-down version of the Model S; it'll feature a unique design of its own. In addition to the Model E, the Model X crossover is nearly ready to go and is just getting a few last minute aerodynamic fixes. Along with these new models, Tesla is also in the beginning phase of developing an all-new third-generation platform that will set the basis for an eventual Model S replacement.

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