Tesla May Have Just Been Dealt A Deadly Blow By Consumer Reports


Innovating too fast is a real problem.

Tesla's Model S has impressed the world with its practicality, innovation, ease of use, and its thrilling instant torque delivery. Consumer reports even gave the car a score so high that it broke the magazine's rating system. The magazine is known for being a reputable reporter on car reliability, so when it recommends a certain car, it is a big deal for the automaker because of the influence it has on consumer's purchasing decisions and even the stock price of the brand. Unfortunately for Tesla, it has lost out on this coveted recommendation.

Consumer Reports has yanked the Model S, a car that the magazine once said was the best they've ever tested, from the "Recommended Cars" list. How did the brand fall so far despite once being Consumer Report's poster boy and the consistent leader of its customer satisfaction lists? For one, the car's reliability has been described as "worse than average" in the most recent survey of 1,400 Model S owners. The problems are typical for a new automaker and its cars and fall into the "lack of refinement" category. Issues include body squeaks, glitches with the center screen where the car's controls are, problems charging the car, and powertrain issues.

Some of these issues can be fixed with Tesla's over-the-air updates, but others will require better build quality. Lets hope Elon Musk can improve the quality of his cars, especially as the Model X is beginning to roll off of the factory floor.


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