Tesla Model 3 Assembly Lines Are Ramping Up For Something Big

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This comes as recent news about the Model 3 Update is swirling.

Tesla is reportedly revamping the Model 3 production lines at its Fremont factory ahead of the smallest tesla model's impending facelift. This is according to documents found by Teslarati.

The news comes a little over a week after the news started swirling that Tesla is reportedly working on an update for the Model 3. As far as we could tell from the news, the update will mainly deal with the vehicle's interior. The update is internally called "Highland," and a big part of it will focus on making the interior less complex and reducing the number of components.

There were also reports that part of the update would involve streamlining the build process to make it more efficient; the uncovered documents seem to confirm this.

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Tesla's Model 3 lines, called General Assembly Model 3 (GA3), will see a major reorganization over the next few months.

On December 6, Tesla filed an application to erect temporary tents that will be used to cover Model 3 body fitting and light repair operations until May 1, 2023. These tents, which are also called Sprung Structures, have been used by the company for years now. Tesla originally used some at the Fremont factory to house Model Y lines and eventually made them permanent in February 2021.

The company also filed another application to demolish brake and roll equipment and its supporting electrical and mechanical utilities. It's also going to provide temporary floor cover over the brake and roll equipment pits. Brake and Roll equipment is used to simulate real-world conditions and allow the company to get precise results for production cars in a closed environment.

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From the recent spy shots, we couldn't gather much of anything from the vehicle, but you could see some more cameras on the tail lights pointing to Tesla replacing the ultrasonic sensor. We assume there's also a chance the vehicle will see similar updates to what the Model S and Model X have seen, like a new touchscreen and non-conventional air vents.

Teslas have some absurdly high profit margins, and the company wants to see that continuing, hence the changes to the production lines. The Model Y has used a casting technology to simplify the build process for a few years now. The goal was to eventually upgrade the Model 3 production line with this same tech, but the company hasn't wanted to disrupt the production of its best-seller. Now that the Model Y has become the cash cow for the company, it seems it's time to give the 3 the attention it deserves.

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