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Tesla Model 3 Carbon Makeover Looks Incredible

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Novitec's modifications improve the Tesla Model 3's looks and aerodynamics.

Novitec is best known for modifying exotic supercars like the Lamborghini Huracan Performante and Ferrari 812 Superfast, but the tuner has also customized the Tesla Model S sedan and Model X SUV. Now, the renowned tuner has given the entry-level Model 3 the tuning treatment for those who think the electric sedan looks too tame.

Like the company’s other Tesla tuning projects, Novitec has created a slew of aero-enhancing components finished in naked carbon fiber that give the Model 3 a sportier appearance while improving the electric sedan’s driving dynamics.

A front spoiler has been attached to the lower end of the front fascia, giving the Model 3 a more aggressive face. According to Novitec, the shape of the spoiler also reduces front axle lift at high speeds, optimizing the car’s stability. Elsewhere, a rear spoiler lip and diffuser enhance the aerodynamics, while Novitec’s side rocker panels give the car a lower and sleeker stance.

Rounding off the visual upgrades are exclusive hi-tech forged wheels manufactured by Vossen wrapped in high-performance tires. Measuring 21 inches in diameter, the Vossen wheels stand out thanks to their unusual design featuring five double-spokes slanted like a windmill. They are available in 72 different color variants and can be finished in a brushed or polished surface.

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Novitec also says the custom wheels optimize the ventilation and cooling of the brakes and also improve the car’s agility in both rear- or all-wheel drive. Further enhancing the handling is Novitec’s sport springs that lower the ride height by around 1.18 inches, which reduces aerodynamic drag. Inside, Novitec’s Tesla Model 3 can be fitted with luxury materials made from leather and Alcantara, with a comprehensive selection of color options and upholstery designs available.

Since the changes are cosmetic only, Novitec hasn’t made any mechanical modifications to the Model 3. The fastest Model 3 currently available is the all-wheel-drive Performance model, which can sprint from 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds.