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Tesla Model 3 Drives Over 600 Miles On A Single Charge

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The hypermiling record attempt lasted 32 hours before the Model 3 finally ran out of juice.

Officially, the Tesla Model 3 delivers an all-electric range of 220 miles, or 310 miles in the long range model. But thanks to some conservative driving, one Model 3 owner has nearly doubled that in a new hypermile record attempt. As reported by Teslarati, Tesla Club president Sean Mitchell and YouTube host Erik Strait managed to achieve an impressive 606.2 miles on a single charge in the compact electric car, marking the first time a Tesla Model 3 has exceeded 600 miles in a new record.

The trip lasted 32 hours, which was double the 18 hours Mitchell achieved in his last hypermile attempt. Their speed averaged around 20-35 mph compared to the 30 mph Mitchell managed in his first run. The Tesla enthusiasts documented their journey on social media throughout the duration of the trip, which was also livestreamed.

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After hitting the 500-mile mark, the Model 3's battery was down to 12 percent and 55 kWh of its battery had been used. Once the Model 3 broke the 600-mile barrier, the EV ran out of battery 606.2 miles into the trip. According to a Twitter update by Mitchell, the Model 3 averaged 110 kWh/mile and consumed 66 kWh during the 32-hour journey. To conserve battery, the Model 3's air conditioning was not switched on, causing temperatures in the cabin to reach a stifling 108F at one point during the trip. The current Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled by an electric vehicle was set last year by a modified BMW 5 Series.

The sedan was specifically designed for the record attempt and lasted 994 miles on a single charge. A Tesla Model S P100D driven by Tesla Owners Italia managed to hit 670 miles on one charge last year, which was recognized by Elon Musk who Tweeted the achievement. "It was amazing to me to see the support of the Tesla community. They were so supportive and encouraging of our efforts. They only did they support us by tuning into the livestream but they also, to our surprise, donated money through YouTube. The Model 3 is such a new car. This hypermile shows that not only is the Model 3 amazingly engineered for the masses, but EVs are a viable option for everyone," Mitchell told Teslarati.

"It certainly brought attention to EVs in general and helped bring awareness about Teslas. We hopefully helped discourage range anxiety, even though we were an extreme case. We showed what Teslas are truly capable of. Also, by livestreaming the entire event, we had a lot of people tune in and ask a lot of good questions related to Tesla that we were able to help answer and clarify," Strait added.