Tesla Model 3 Gets Totaled After Falling 40 Feet

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Somehow the driver walked away without any serious injuries.

It's a testament to the Tesla Model 3's safety that someone was able to survive this scary crash. KPTV reports that the driver of a Model 3 in southwest Portland suffered a medical-related incident, possibly a seizure, when he lost control of the electric sedan and crashed down an embankment, falling 40 feet.

Scarily, the car then landed in the outdoor playground area of a nearby daycare center. It's fortunate that the crash happened at around 6:20 am because no children were outside at the time of the accident.


Miraculously, the driver also survived the crash without any serious injuries. Witnesses said that bystanders helped him out of the wrecked Model 3 and that he was able to walk away without assistance. The unnamed driver was then taken to the hospital to get checked out. "It was like eight to 10 people helping him out. He came out of the car like nothing happened but he was shaking," said Benjamin Lopez, who works nearby where the crash happened.

"The thought of it being right where I see kids every day walking and laughing. I'm so grateful this happened before the kids were out here playing because that would've been devastating, and I'm grateful everyone seems to be okay," LaDonna Robey, another witness said.


A small fire broke out after the crash while the Model 3 was being removed from the scene by a tow truck, but it was quickly extinguished. Looking at the extent of the damage, the driver is lucky to be alive, let alone uninjured. The Tesla Model 3 was totaled in the crash as the bodywork took a battering, but the passenger cell is still intact, which saved the driver's life. No wonder the Tesla Model 3 earned 5-star safety ratings in NHTSA and Euro NCAP crash tests.


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