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Tesla Model 3 Production Has Been Sorted, But Not Service Centers?

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It seems Tesla has failed to fully take into account drivers require repairs post-accidents.

Up until last month, Tesla was experiencing serious production issues regarding its new Model 3. While those issues have now been sorted, an LA Times report has found that Tesla service centers are the new source of delays. This isn't the first time we've heard of delays at Tesla's service centers, but apparently, the California-based EV automaker has yet to resolve the issues. What's going, exactly?

The report details the story of one Model X owner whose door would often refuse to open or, even more strangely, randomly open.

This even happened once while on the highway. Naturally, he contacted his Tesla service agent, but the response was not what he expected, stating that a scheduled appointment time could take up to several weeks. "But I don't want to drive it!" the owner said. "This is a safety concern for me!"

Here's another example: a Model 3 owner experiencing door-lock problems was even forced to delay vacation plans because the service agent said he'd had to leave his car at the center until the issue was resolved, explaining: "The amount of cases I've got right now is unbelievable."

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Yes, service center complaints regarding delays are not entirely unheard of, especially for new models from any automaker. However, weeks-long delays for what's considered basic auto repairs are unusual. It seems the main issue these Tesla service centers are having is a lack of spare parts. You see, Tesla has been so focused on meeting Model 3 production goals, it appears it's been lagging behind when it comes to providing those much-needed parts to its service centers.

These parts shortages and long waits are also not limited to the US. In Norway, Tesla's third largest market after the US and China, some customers have been waiting months to receive new parts for damaged Teslas. Musk even addressed this exact issue on Twitter earlier this month, writing: "Norwegians are right to be upset with Tesla. We are having trouble expanding our service facilities in Oslo especially. Can solve quickly with Tesla mobile service vans, but awaiting govt permission to do so."

The limelight-loving CEO, however, has not yet addressed the issue for the US or elsewhere. To its credit, Tesla has plans to open a new service center in Oslo before the end of the year, and also "plans to hire" additional customer support staff "in the event they are unable to find their answers" on Tesla's website "or in their Tesla account." Although Tesla does make a fantastic product, what it didn't fully take into account is the fact that its customers will get into accidents and spare parts will be required ASAP.