Tesla Model 3 Shows It Can Tow With The Best Of Them

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Tesla fans waiting for the Cybertruck are having to be creative.

Musk has insisted on the Cybertruck's arrival for many years now, but the electric truck has yet to make a public appearance. So, for now, if you're looking for a Tesla to help with hauling stuff, a Model 3 will have to suffice. And as you can see below, it's not half bad at it.

A Norwegian Tesla Model 3 owner and a few of his friends that also own 3s, needed to move some wood ahead of winter. Without a Cybertruck to do it with, the trio of Model 3s had to make do by themselves.


Knut Skinnes, the man who posted the video, shared it after what looks to be a picturesque afternoon hauling lumber. That first pan shot in the video alone looks like it's right out of someone's marketing playbook. Of course, ground clearance issues aside, it appears the Model 3 isn't half bad at towing.

We can't imagine a roughly 30-foot aspen did much to the car's range, but having instant torque available is certainly an advantage any electric car has over a gas one in the towing category. Still, it's not as if these trees aren't heavy. Fully-grown aspens can weigh more than 500 lbs when cut.

2023 Tesla Cybertruck Rear View Tesla

Skinnes' post says that "farmers are waiting across the country" for the arrival of Tesla's much-anticipated truck. We frankly can't think of another place that would be more excited for the truck. Much of Norway's terrain is suited to trucks and off-roaders, and the country is one of the largest Tesla markets on the planet. In fact, Norwegians own more EVs per capita than much of the planet.

Still, fans like Skinnes may be waiting for a while yet. Musk has promised time and time again to get the Cybertruck into production. Unfortunately, the truck has suffered from a number of delays and setbacks.


For now, at least, it appears the Model 3 makes a fine farm vehicle. We're sure no one wants to go putting a few sheep in the back of their Tesla, however. Norwegians wanting an electric truck are currently limited to the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T. That said, others are preparing their electric truck entrants, with VW's Scout brand set to launch soon, along with the Chevy Silverado EV and Ram 1500 EV. In the next few years, those looking for an electric truck will be spoiled for choice.

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