Tesla Model 3 Spotted In The Wild And Looks Much Better In Person

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Tesla seems to be ready to deliver the car we've been waiting all this time for.

The stage lights at any given auto reveal do a great job to show off a car's shape and styling highlights, but they are poor indicators of how the car will look in your driveway to your envious neighbors or better yet, when everyone is snapping their necks for a better look on the road. In this case, we get a rare treat because the Tesla Model 3, previously only seen at a dark nighttime reveal, has just been spotted testing on public roads ahead of its Tesla store debut later this year.

The party responsible for the car spotting and ensuing video is none other than Unplugged Performance, a customization firm that specializes in body kits and custom fabricated components for Tesla. According to the video description, a Model 3 happened to be testing near the Unplugged Performance offices.

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Funny thing is that those offices also happen to reside right next to Elon Musk's Hyperloop test track. This is probably no coincidence, but what we're happy to see is that it appears that Tesla is sticking to the body style of the car it unveiled about a year ago and feels no need to camouflage it to hide it from prying eyes. Better still is the fact that the Model 3 looks even better on the streets than under the showroom lights. If Tesla sticks fairly close to proposed Model 3 pricing then we're certain it will be a hot seller. We're still not sold on the high roofline, but we're sure non-enthusiasts will be able to overlook such things.

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