Tesla Model 3 Surprises With Hidden Exterior Features

But not every surprise is a good thing.

The reason Model 3 preorder holders don’t give a damn about Tesla’s tardiness in bringing its first entry-level car to the masses is that like Apple, Tesla seems to have found a way to make its products cool enough that they’re desirable despite the downsides. And just like Apple keeps its products desirable by updating the most minute details, Tesla is placing much of the Model 3’s coolness on its tech company-like approach to solving problems that are both unique to electric cars or suffered by every automobile.

It’s not just the electric drivetrain, the lack of a gauge cluster, or the frunk that give the Model 3 its unique nature. It’s the culmination of all these features within a single car. As always, the devil lies in the details and many of these details are easy to miss unless you have a Model 3 right next to you.

With only 260 units built, far less than the 1,500 Tesla had hoped to build by now, that’s not likely to be the case. But it is for YouTube channel OCDetailing, which gets up close and personal with the Model 3 to show us some of the features that are easy to miss when giving the EV a quick glance. Features like the automatic louvers under the front lip that help cool the battery even when the car is off or the side cameras embedded in the Tesla logos that flank the car. Aside from that, the rest of the Model 3’s features, including the ability to tow, seem to have been left as IOUs that have yet to leave the Tesla factory.

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