Tesla Model 3 Warranty Won't Cover Mysterious Creaks And Rattles?

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Always read the fine print.

It hasn't been easy for Tesla to get Model 3 production up and running. The Model 3 is the car that'll largely determine whether Tesla has a future. Now that customers who are not Tesla or SpaceX employees are finally beginning to receive their cars, some interesting details are starting to come out. Bozi Tatarevic, a fellow car writer and someone who reads the fine print in warranties, noticed something interesting in the Model 3 warranty, which he has posted on his Twitter account.


In plain old black and white, Tesla states, in a nutshell, that creaks and rattles are excluded in the car's warranty. "General appearance or normal noise and vibration, including, but not limited to, brake squeal, general knocks, creaks, rattles, and wind and road vibration" are not covered by Tesla. Furthermore, Tesla states that owners' warranties will be voided if they don't install the software updates the automaker provides. Tesla also highly recommends all repairs and general maintenance be performed at their service centers, which makes sense. Do you really want Bob or Joe or Eddie the mechanic from down the street going anywhere near an EV that's pretty complex compared to a typical internal combustion engine car?

Didn't think so, but the fact that warranties can be voided if the software updates aren't done is a bit draconian. Then again, over-the-air updates are quickly becoming the new norm, and if Tesla, or any other automaker sends out a faulty update, they'll hear about it real fast from angry owners. But going back to the creaks and rattles bit; that's just weird. Tesla should cover, or at least properly inspect, issues related to this because, duh, it's a quality and control matter. A rattling noise coming from the dash or windshield is one of the most annoying things car owners can experience. Has anyone experienced creaks and rattles coming from their Tesla (any Model)?


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