Tesla Model 3 Will Now Pull Into The Garage By Itself


Model 3 owners just woke up with a fun new feature.

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Tesla vehicle is the ability to improve the car with simple over-the-air software updates. Tesla can deliver massive upgrades like new tech features, improved braking, even improved battery life and speed, simply by changing some software code. Tesla owners can wake up to new features, which is certainly exciting. In fact, Model 3 owners just received a fun feature borrowed from the Model S and Model X.

The summon feature was first seen on the Model S and Model X, but has now trickled down to the Model 3. It allows the car to autonomously park itself into a space, without the need for the driver to be in the vehicle.

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This feature can be extremely useful for getting into tight spaces, or a small garage at home. The Model 3 even has the ability to open and close the garage door, so you can simply leave the car to its own devices to get in and out of the garage. It may not be a game-changing feature, but it is certainly a nice addition for Model 3 owners.