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Tesla Model S And X Getting New Minimalist Interiors To Match The Model 3

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Looks like the Model 3’s polarizing minimalist cabin is being carried over to the Model S and Model X facelifts next year.

When the Tesla Model 3 was introduced, its minimalist interior was polarizing. If you're not a fan of this design, we have bad news for you because the Model 3's spartan cabin layout that's virtually devoid of buttons is being carried over to the more expensive Model S and X as part of an upcoming facelift.

Concept images obtained by Electrek give us an early look at refreshed Model S and Model X interiors, though they may not be representative of the final design since production isn't expected to start for another year. The images reveal that the massive vertical touchscreen in the current Model S and X will be replaced with a horizontal screen similar to the one in the Model 3.

The touchscreen is also either bezel-less or has smaller bezels than the Model 3's screen, a trend that is becoming increasingly common on the latest smartphones. Since the touchscreen will now be displayed horizontally, the gauge cluster has been significantly redesigned. While the Model S and Model X have traditional digital gauges, the images show that key functions will be displayed on a smaller single screen embedded into the dashboard in the facelifted versions.

Additionally, the facelifted Model S and Model X will inherit the Model 3's hidden air conditioning system that includes a single vent incorporated seamlessly into the dashboard along with a new steering wheel.

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According to additional documents obtained by Electrek, Tesla is applying these changes to make the dashboard more geared towards autonomous driving. They also reveal Tesla is planning to add several upmarket features to the interiors such as superior materials, softer seat cushions, improved rear seats with second-row console, wireless phone charger, improved front storage, and more to help Tesla catch up with luxury rivals like Mercedes and BMW. It will be a while before we see these changes however, because the facelifted Model S and X aren't expected to go into production until Q3 2019, again according to Electrek.