Tesla Model S Convertible is Not from the Factory


It looks like some guy just built it.

That Tesla is working on a Model S convertible remains nothing more than a rumor. A factory-built version isn't happening anytime soon, if ever, but that won't stop certain Model S owners with the means to take matters into their own hands. Take this Tesla owner, for example. The roof of his Model S has been completely sliced off in favor of a folding soft top. It actually doesn't look half bad and it's possible this particular Model S is the work of a company called Newport Convertible Engineering.

As you can guess by the name, the company basically takes stock factory cars and does what the automaker doesn't: turn them into convertibles. Rumor also has it that Newport is building an unspecified number of customized Model S convertibles for Chinese buyers. What do you all think of this? Should Tesla build a Model S convertible?

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