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Tesla Model S Drivers Can Now Head Cross Country Free of Charge

First cross-country trip in a Tesla completed using only Superchargers to stay juiced.

Tesla Model S owners will be pleased to know they can now drive from New York to Los Angeles without dropping a penny on recharging. The electric carmaker announced via CEO Elon Musk, its 71-strong Supercharger network is reachable by around 80 percent of North America. The Tesla boss tweeted that the network was “now energized from New York to LA.” And a father-daughter team has just finished the maiden coast-to-coast Model S trip using only Superchargers to keep them juiced.

Wired revealed John and Jill stopped at 28 Superchargers on their 3,600-mile week-long odyssey. Extra miles came from the fact the trip actually started in Kentucky and because the charging points meander through the continent. Tesla aims to have 98 percent of the US population covered by the Supercharger network by 2015. How long the service will remain free, however, remains to be seen.

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